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My name is Ella.
Nice to meet You.

I'm a Fashion Stylist from Co. Galway.

I have worked as a fashion and personal stylist for a number of years. Often I have been asked about my own personal style so I decided to set up my own store to showcase my top picks from the latest fashion trends along with clothing, footwear and accessories that I would choose. I am very passionate about Sustainable Fashion and I always aim to stock items that are socially ethical and environmentally friendly. Choosing Sustainable fashion benefits both improving standards within the fashion industry and society at large. Even though fashion is seasonal and trends change regularly I try to source clothing, footwear and accessories that are timeless and professionally made, so my customers will get the most value and use from their purchases. I still work as a fashion stylist and I am happy to assist my customers in making the right choices for their body shape, lifestyle, and personality. Please get in touch for further details.

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